here are some words from our guest book in the Big Cat Cabin
copied as written or clipped from the guest book


We woke to a hawk sitting on the tree outside our bedroom window - just one of many birds and other wildlife we experienced by sight and sound on this magical weekend.  
What a great experience - we'll be back!     
April 2017

Dear Big Cat - Thank you for 7 years of solace, peace, nature's balm,
introspection, re-calibration, and sweet memories.    
January 2017

As always, we had a wonderful and relaxing few days!   Thinking this is about our 20th + visit here and it never gets old or boring.    
June 2016

Thank you Big Cat for being the most sacred of inner workshops.  The peace and tranquility you offer has been the backdrop for countless experiences I would never have had in the city.  Thank you, Big Cat for being a bridge to my deepest self.  For being the conduit that has allowed me to go further into my being than anywhere else.     
March 2016

The stress from the city has hurt my neck and our souls.  This morning I was sitting on the couch and drinking coffee.  There was no pain coming from my body and soul.  I just stared out the window.  My mind was blank.  I was at peace.  I believe in energy.  That beautiful positive energy is in this cabin.  I hope I can keep some of it when I  leave.     
January 2016

Every trip here is a little different.  Sometimes it's more porch time, and sometimes it's more time out in the woods.  But it is always calming, serene and peaceful.
January 2016

The difference in my state of mind of being from when I arrive to when I leave is nothing short of astounding.  This little cabin is good for the soul .
October 2015

What I can say is this.  Your art sculptures of 3-dimension have a depth that have left us in awe.  It has a life of its own that provides a character development process developed in every moment one spends here.  It is a living thing that we have fallen in love with.  
In short, if lifestyle is an art form ... this is a masterpiece.
August 2015

The stillness is deafening.  The deer and birds are many.  Views to the nether regions of the soul; then beyond. Nature abides. The most peace I've felt in many years --
It was heaven.
October 2014

We've traveled all over the world for the last 32 years
and have seen many wonderful places.
When I walked into Big Cat Cabin, I knew it was at least one of the best!
July 2014

The moment we crossed the threshold we were virtually cloaked in an overwhelming sense of well-being.
April 2014

I have a few favorite places on Earth, and this is one.
Thank you for your conservatorship of much that matters.
December 2013

This place has taken our hearts, and as the many volumes of guest reports attest,
we are not alone.
September 2013

We have come to think of you as our second home - (along with everyone else we suppose).  But ours alone when we are here.
December 2012

We arrived at the cabin on Monday looking forward to 3 days in Julian with a list of things to do and see. We extended our stay and did nothing on our lists.  Instead, we have soaked in all that the Big Cat Cabin had to offer.  We talked less and listened more.  
We ate better, loved better and slept better.
July 2012

As always this is Perfection.   The only problem now is which Cabin we like more.  
We will be back again to try and decide.
November 2012

Like a pilgrimage to a sacred shrine, we return again and again to the Big Cat Cabin.
Here, we taste soul satisfaction. Blessings!
April 2011

Another perfect week - the rain only made it better. As always,
thank you for providing such an amazing peaceful place. See you nest year!
December 2010

The peace and serenity we experience here is amazing and cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. No matter how often we come, we can't seem to get enough.
The transformation is almost immediate.
As crazy as life gets, when we are here, it all seems to slip away.
November 2010

She proclaimed our last stay "the best vacation ever !". This time was even better. A deer raided the birdfeeder while we sat on the porch just steps away. So many deer we lost count. Turkeys flying to roost in the trees (who knew those fatties could fly?). Thunder, lightening and fat rain drops with a fire to cuddle beside. And pie!
October 2010

We watched the fog roll up the mountain, and then envelop us as we sat in Big Cat Cabin. It was like the mists of Avalon, the dragons breath conjured up by some mountain wizard. At night the wind shook the tiny droplets of fog off the pine needles above the roof as we slept.
Jan 09

It was nice to sit out on the porch and do our sketching and watercolors. And I loved photographing the area and catching the sunsets over the hills. We appreciate all of the little things you did to make our stay special. We will definitely be seeing you again soon!
Nov 08

We're excited to have found a place a little closer (than Wales and Canada) to our current home, that we can return to from time to time to recharge our sanity batteries, reconnect with each other and the environment and remind ourselves of who we are.
Nov 08

Ahh peace ... ahh quiet ... time to talk, remember and look ahead!
Thank you, as always, for this piece of heaven.
May 08

We were so amazed at how beautiful your Cabin is the internet doesn't do it justice.
When we arrived we were greeted by a parade of wild turkeys walking on the left side of the cabin and a few minutes later a parade of deer on the right !!
It's almost like you released them for us !
Sept 07

This year we gave ourselves the best Christmas gift - a stay at Big Cat. Our visit here was perfect. ... It's hard to explain to people that what you were missing in your life is silence - but I feel like those who stay here understand that.
Dec 07

This morning as I was dressing.. I was surprised to see a deer at the window looking in. Then 2 more came to the window seat and stared at me. It occurred to me that they may be off somewhere discussing me this minute ... or maybe writing in a book ...
Dec 06

We were greeted by several deer that did not seem to mind us at all. When they left the turkeys came by - first the hens, then the toms. We could see the ocean to the southwest then a great sunset. The distant city lights followed.
Feb 07

My husband and I have lived in Escondido for almost 30 years and have been up to Julian, Cuyamaca and the Lagunas many times, but we have never experienced anything like "Big Cat" before. ...It couldn't have been more purr-fect!
June 08

Ahh peace ... ahh quiet ... time to talk, remember and look ahead!
Thank you, as always, for this piece of heaven.
May 08

 From the moment we drove up, I was speechless. Walking down the walkway towards the cabin, it was like entering another world. Stepping inside was as breathtaking as the beautiful scenery outside. Such charm, such character, I still cannot find the words to describe this place. ... I frequent Julian, yet still, being here is so different.
I found myself using the binoculars to watch birds,
something I never thought I could enjoy, yet did immensely.
Aug 06

The peace and serenity have taken both of us out of our heads and into our hearts,
where we belong.
Aug 07

This is a place of beauty and restoration. It is a place where souls collide with grace, dignity and truth. The winds will speak to you and heal you heart. The stars in the sky fill your senses with purpose. Life happens here in the stillness of the cabin.
The fire burns all negative energy
and you are suddenly filled with an extraordinary sense of peace.
Jan 07

In the few days that we were here, I was forever changed. Somewhere between the embrace of this cabin and the magisty of the surroundings. I found peace and clarity that I have never known. Sitting under a blanket of stars I became part of this world instead of a secular being. Sitting in solitude I found connection and peace. This cabin will always be a part of me.
I am so grateful.
July 06

The silence was overwhelming. When we opened the car door we just stood for a moment and soaked it all in. We walked to the Cabin and pushed open the screen. Much to our delight we were greeted with warm yellow floors, big open windows, soft sounds of music playing on the stereo. We skipped from room to room, excited about the stone fireplace, the tub, the red cotton throw on the bed. The fireplace is magnificent. ...
We have spent the time talking, and not talking.
Just being together without all the noise and distractions.
July 07

It's almost noon. We're not leaving! No way, no how!
May 07