ic 5070 again, with the Explore-Levy comet hunter, 5 hours 45 minutes
click the image for a 50% pixel view

Continuing with the Explore Scientific/David Levy 6 inch Mak-Newt. Added significant time, total of 69 five minute subs, acquired and calibrated
with warm pixel conversion and first color in Nebulosity,curves and gradients in Photoshop. The scope is a 152mm f/4.8 piggybacked on the 12 inch LX200 classic.
The moon was near new and the sky was near perfect for this location.... stable to an arc second, but visual magnitede of only about 4.5...

I like the influence of some H beta and OIII around the edges. I wouldn't have noticed without the recent
images with unmodified cameral.... there is some small flexure that causes the dreaded noise streaks evident in the full size

Canon 350d Hap at prime, guided with a DSI pro and PHD on the 12 inch at f3.3
Julian, California - 17, 18 September 2009