here are some words from our guest books in
the New Artists' Loft,
copied as written


So grateful for deep, nurturing Oneness with all connection.  
We have been nourished to the bottom of our souls.
April 2017

Zen gardens
blending with birds flying
bees on flowers
deer nibbling
on bamboo leaves
December 2016

I've traveled all over the world.  This remains one of my most magical spaces -- incredible views, gorgeous golden afternoon light and winds.  It's all timeless.  
October 2016

What a fantastic way to reconnect with ourselves.   
September 2016

We are never leaving, you don't need to book anymore, we are your last guests !   
Now neighbors !
April 2015

The roiling wind
parted the trees,
leaves cartwheeled
down the road,
yet all was
peaceful and
homey in the
New Artists' Loft
January 2015

Such a joy to come to the mountains.  We have been looking for a long, long time for a place that felt right -- one that hit all the marks.  
We wanted peace and that's surprisingly hard to find these days.  
We've found it here and our search is over.
January 2014

This place has brought us closer together more than anything we have done till now.
April 2014

The morning brought gentle breezes that rustled through the plants and trees providing a simple melody to accompany the call of the birds, the pecking of the woodpecker and glimpses of "mountain islands" off in the distance.
The night brought a new melody as the big dipper greeted me at the threshold and the music of the stars sounded suspiciously like the rhythmic call of crickets.
July 2013

Beyond Magnificent.  Easily one of my 5 favorite places in the world.
August 2013

We kept saying that this place is better than a dream.  It's a soothing, modern, comfortable, well-equipped haven.  We loved the lighting, the design (everything from the architecture to the art), the fully-stocked kitchen, and the grounds.  Thank you for all the little things you did to make our stay even better than a dream.
January 2012

Happy and pampered is an understatement as we sit , cuddled, on the porch watching the passing birds on the massive pine out back.  We have traveled near and far through this country and it was beyond our expectations that
the most perfect destination would be so close to home.  
October 2011

Thank you for a great relaxing time with family, no distractions like TV, Internet, where we could share, repair and bond. Wish this could have lasted a few weeks.
What a lovely time it was.
January 2011

Well, you truly out did yourselves again !! We thought we were spoiled in Strawberry Hill, and now we are truly in love with the Artists' Loft ! Every room we felt the love you put into it. Now, we really don't want to leave !
January 2011

Your artistry shows in the ways you have created a get-away for ones Mind, Body and Soul ! Not just the breath taking views, but in the smallest details ( I loved fresh flowers (wild)) with all the comforts of home. We wanted for Nothing - because of that artists way of detail ! We cannot thank you enough for your ability to create an atmosphere that invites one to just Be !!
May 2010

Loved it. Talked music, life, God and everything in between.
No internet? No Tv? Genius !!
March 2010

We are honored to have been part of the new legacy of this space. We don't know how you did it, but you've managed to create a place that
EVERYONE passing through regards as HOME ! This floors us the most.
December 2009

 "My brother and I had so much fun. We saw deer go in front of our car. We also saw tons of turkeys, at least 50 ! Thank you so much
for letting my family stay.
Jan 08

It is very easy to find your "center" here -
and you realize how far from center you have been !
July 07

Your sense of style and comfort are exactly what we needed. From the dimmed lights and soft music playing before we walked in to your welcome smiles as we checked in -
it was perfect !
Mar 08

We had a wonderful evening listening to the wind howl as it came over the ridge. There was midnight moonlight bright enough to light the porch and we sat outside until neither of us could stay awake any longer. The bed was amazing !
Mar 08

Our sister reunion was one of
Beauty, (this home is magnificent)
Healing, (long talks into the evening on the porch)
Laughter, (playing games}
Health, (daily walks in nature)
Thoughtful Discussions, (question cards)
and so much more...
Thank you for making this such an inviting - welcome - agape place.
July 08

"Beautiful" isn't strong enough. "Magnificent" is too pretentious. Let's just say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and found ourselves wishing that our two brief nights had ----
somehow magically turned into a week.
Jan 07

The building is a delight to be in and, as always,
reflects the energies and ideals of its creators.
We have had so much pleasure from meeting you.
We have gotten so much more than we could ever had expected from our visit.
Oct 06

As I gaze out the window at the beautiful view, I realize what a treasure I have found. You have created a space where old and new have joined with magnificent detail. A place where people can come to clear out their heads and open their hearts.
A place where one can realize what is truly important.
Feb 07

We would have had no idea prior to coming of how magical, sacred and special our experience would be here in the Artists' Loft ! This has been like no other.
Feb 07

Many thanks, once again, for providing a special environment to better explore
the wonder of beauty
and mystery
of the universe
a reverence for life --
human dignity --
and the practice of love.
Oct 06